7 Awesome Health Benefits Of Having A Dog: Best Friends

Did you have a horrible day? Got into an argument with someone? There’s one friend you can count on! Read 7 Awesome Health Benefits of Having A Dog!

You’ve seen so many friends and family with a dog. They seem to love their pets even more than people sometimes! It seems like everyday is a good day as long as Fido is around.

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The reason? Having man’s best friend in your life can actually improve your mental and physical wellbeing (1). Let’s break down the specifics:

1. Dogs Strengthen Your Ticker

That’s right, you may be able to stave off heart attacks, and high blood pressure if you’ve got a friendly pooch by your side. In fact, it can reduce your risk of a cardiovascular related death by nearly 25% (2).

The reasons may be several. First, dog owners tend to walk their dogs fairly often, which helps with overall health. Regular walking leads to lower blood pressure, and a reduction in cholesterol (3).

Dog owners tend to be more active. Probably because their pet is super energetic, and fun to be around. It becomes contagious and motivating to have a friend who wants to be active with you. Benefits you can’t put a price on!

2. Your Dog Is Like A Natural Flu Vaccine

Weird right? Dogs are covered in germs and bacteria, and tend to help you get used to all the different nasties that inhabit the world. The more exposure we have, the better our body is at preparing for the next wave of potential illnesses.

3. Your Dog Is Like A Natural Antidepressant

No need to take prescription medications, or drown your sorrows in alcohol. Instead, your dog is your greatest mental ally if you’re struggling from negative thoughts, and emotions.

Dogs act as emotional support for people who aren’t able to turn elsewhere. Fido may also help you interact with other people more often.

4. Expect More Friends Because Of Your Dog

Since having a dog is such a great ice breaker, you may find yourself making new friends. Since humans are social beings, having more interaction with other people can lead to a better state of mind.

Having a dog signifies to others that you are a caring and reliable person, exactly the type that makes for a good relationship with others.

5. Your Dog Could Save Your Life

Yes, it seems that dogs have the ability to sense when something just isn’t right. Specifically, dogs can tell when your body is suffering from injury or serious illness. Studies show that dogs can detect the presence of cancer in your body from their superior sense of smell (4).

In fact, they have an accuracy of 90% detection of different types of cancers. Imagine having your pooch telling you something is wrong before its too late… literally priceless.

6. Help Accentuate Your Personality

Yup, when your favorite furry friend is around, your true self will reveal itself around them. Why? They don’t judge us for being ourselves, no matter how embarrassing or silly. Dog owners also tend to be more open to being kind to others, and making new friends.

7. Lower Stress Levels

It’s harder to be worried when you’ve got a friend in your corner. Witness your anxiety go down as you spend time near Fido. Your dog being nearby releases the happy chemicals in your brain that promote happiness. If you’re having a tense moment between yourself and someone else, then let your dog be the tension breaker.

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