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25 Creepy Halloween Drink Recipes: Holiday Drinks

It’s time for some awesome halloween parties, and that means you want to serve up the the spookiest! Enjoy 25 Creepy Halloween Drink Recipes!

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Article Image From: BreadBoozeBacon

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1. Dead Man’s Kiss Halloween Cocktail

If you’re seeking scary Halloween drinks for your Halloween get together, how about serving Dead Man’s Kiss, a black vodka cocktail! This cool Halloween cocktail involves making your own black vodka.

From: ThisMamaCooks

2. Witch’s Brew Recipe

You’ve seen it before. That killer Halloween table. The one covered in realistic human skulls, bloody cupcakes and creepy crawlers. But the greatest feature of all? A giant smoking cauldron full of witch’s brew.

From: JamieShields

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3. Boo-nilla Ghost Milkshakes

Boo-nilla Ghost Milkshakes – delicious vanilla treats turned into adorable ghosts that are perfect for Halloween!

From: LilLuna

4. Dracula’s Bite Jello Shots

Dracula’s Bite Jello Shots are a spiked cherry coke cocktail turned into Halloween party must make! These shots are delicious and super easy to make!

From: BreadBoozeBacon

5. Black Magic Jello Shots

Black Magic Jello Shots are fun layered jello shots that are perfect for your Halloween party! Everyone will think they’re magical!

From: BreadBoozeBacon

6. Zombtini

After a long, hard day of zombie-ing, even zombie’s need a break. This Zombitini is for all of those hard working zombies out there. Chasing down humans takes a lot of energy, and it can be hard when they get away – or when someone in your horde snags them before you.

From: TotallyTheBomb

7. Black Spider Party Punch

From the fuzzy spiders crawling along our glass pitcher to the disposable 3D spider cups, this simple punch is sure to be a hit at your buffet table with minimal effort.

From: FindingZest

8. Swamp Potion

Whip up some Swamp Potion for Halloween parties! Non-alcoholic and so much fun! Kids and adults love the way it looks and tastes!

From: ForksAndFolly

9. Berry Bloody Halloween Punch

Get the tips for hosting an easy peasy trick-or-treating shindig for your crew. Our Halloween party complete with Berry Bloody Halloween Punch and Spooky Treats, has something for all to enjoy!

From: ForksAndFolly

10. Witches Brew Halloween Drink

Make some blue witches brew for a spiked Halloween drink!!

From: CraftyMorning

11. Bloody Halloween Milkshake Shots

Vanilla milkshakes spiked with vanilla vodka, mixed with strawberry sauce and a chocolate drizzle make for super easy Halloween milkshake shots for a party!

From: TheChunkyChef

12. Halloween Orange Sherbert Punch

Are you looking for a delicious and creamy non-alcoholic drink for your upcoming Halloween party? Then whip up a big pitcher or bowl of this colorful, sweet and bubbly 3-ingredient Halloween Orange Sherbet Punch that will surely impress many of your guests! Both kids and adults will love this Sherbet punch.

From: RuchisKitchen

13. Walker Blood Sangria

Awwww….. Look at the color of the drink… You wouldn’t believe that it is a Sangria… It indeed looks like real blood…. Spooky crazy drink… Lemme tell you something… The Walker Blood Sangria is gonna be a real hit in your Halloween party!!!

From: WellChopped

14. Witch Potion Cocktail

This Witch’s Potion Cocktail Recipe is the perfect addition to any Halloween party. We have also provided an optional non-alcoholic version of the fantastic Halloween drink in case there are kids at the party,

From: PlumCrazy

15. Black Magic Martini

A Black Magic/Galaxy Cocktail that is shimmering and black. A mix between a lime daiquiri and lime martini.

From: ElleTalk

16. Witches Brew

This ‘Witches Brew’- halloween cocktail is so stunning. Based on a Purple Hooter, the vivid colour is dramatically beautiful, but with a dark eerie feel perfect for an easy halloween party cocktail/shot.

From: SprinklesAndSprouts

17. Halloween Punch

Are you looking for a Halloween punch for kids? Here is our 3 ingredient Halloween worm punch! Bubbly, sweet, fun, and simple to make in a hurry. We love coming up with creative food ideas for the holidays.

From: SmartSchoolHouse

18. Blood Bags Halloween Drink

Entertain guests at your Halloween party with these fun blood bags! This red Halloween Drink (non-alcoholic) is perfect for filling fake I.V. bags designed specifically for drinks. Learn where to find these bags plus tips for how to fill, clip and display the blood bags.

From: FindingZest

19. Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail

Get into the Fall and spooky Halloween spirit with this poisoned apple cider cocktail… made easy with just a handful of ingredients!  The optional luster dust gives the cocktail it’s mystical red and golden swirls, which make for one eerily beautiful drink!

From: TheChunkyChef

20. Blood Shot Clots

This red Halloween drink may be scary to look at, but with a shot Whiskey, it goes down easy. Our Blood Clot Shots will be a perfect match for your Halloween party, giving it the ultimate Halloween drink to try this year! 

From: ThisWortheyLife

21. Black As Your Soul Party Cocktail

Black As Your Soul is a fun Halloween Cocktail made with lemonade, Bacardi Gold and a pinch of activated charcoal for a spooky-good party drink served in a coupe cocktail glass.

From: CookingWithAmber

22. Black Magic Cocktail

Made with bright citrus and classic vodka, this colorful concoction is as refreshing as a spooky Screwdriver — not to mention insanely simple to prepare, which makes it the perfect drink for theme parties of all kinds. 

From: Thrillist

23. Hocus Pocus Halloween Cocktail

Halloween Cocktail for the Adults, which can easily be adjusted by leaving out the rum for a non-alcoholic punch.

From: TheFoodieAffair

24. Poisoned Apple Cocktail

I know that the “official” colors of Halloween are black and orange, but I can’t seem to create any recipes that are not green! Technically, witches are green…and so are Frankenstein and toxic waste. Or maybe it’s just because green is one of my favorite colors. Whatever the reason may be, this Poisoned Apple Cocktail…..

From: CookingWithCurls

25. Witch’s Brew Cocktail

The vodka is optional for the kiddos. Serve over ice or with a black and white striped straw. Some black licorice would be a fun garnish with this drink as well.

From: RecipeDiaries

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