The Top 3 Reasons To Get The Flu Shot

There’s lots of controversy about flu shots. We’re here to clear up the confusion. Read The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get The Flu Shot.

Fall is fast approaching, and next will be winter. That means the new strains of influenza are lurking around the corner, waiting to suck the life out of you. Some people are able to get through the season without getting sick, but it’s not a risk you should have to take.

Instead you should prevent the worst ahead of time, or else risk some serious coughing, and body chills. The flu may seem like it’s the same or similar to having a cold. In fact, the flu is usually much worse.

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Typically, the cold doesn’t cause other complications that the flu does, such as pneumonia, or sinus infections. Not to mention the flu can keep you stuck in bed for several weeks depending on its severity. You might miss work, time with your friends, vacations, or other important life events.

How Do You Know You Have The Flu?

1. Fever

You’ll usually start getting a bit of a temperature, anywhere from 100 to 104 ° F.

2. Chills

Even though you have a temperature, you will feel chilly, sweating and possibly start shaking.

3. Coughing

You may hack up some green mucus initially, but over time it will become a dry painful cough if it persists.

4. Soreness

You might be feeling sore like you worked out, except your body will feel weak, and will have trouble doing normal day to day movements.

5. Headache

You may find it hard to be in direct light, or listen to loud noises. Your head may be pounding, and it could be the first sign of you getting sick.

Who Needs The Flu Shot?

If you have any children above the age 6 months, or are over the age of 65 years old, you may want to make getting a flu shot a priority. Also, anyone who works or lives in a hospital, nursing home, has a serious health condition should get a flu shot.

Also, pregnant women, and women who are breastfeeding need to get vaccinated to prevent passing on the flu to the baby, and giving your baby the chance to develop antibodies to resist the virus.

Who Shouldn’t Get The Flu Shot?

Any children that are under 6 months old, or adults that have had an allergic reaction to the flu vaccine or have been tested positive for Guillain-Barre syndrome.

What Are The Reasons To Get The Flu Shot?

1. Prevention

The best way to stop yourself from getting sick in the first place is to get a flu shot before everyone is already getting sick. Otherwise it may be too late.

2. Symptom Reduction

If you do catch the flu, you may feel a lesser version of the symptoms because the vaccine is working to help fight the virus.

3. Lower The Risk Of Serious Complications

People who are at risk should be aware that taking the flu vaccine will help them prevent their conditions from getting worse or critical. Those who are older, pregnant, children, and those with serious conditions such as cancer, or diabetes etc.

What Are The Risks?

For the most part, the flu shot is safe for everyone (1). A lot of people think that the flu shot itself will get them sick. This is false, but it can make you feel ill for the first day or two with a bit of chills or mild fever.

Also, it takes a couple weeks for the flu shot to work. So, you may get sick between the shot and it becoming effective.

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