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25 Astounding Apple Dessert Recipes: Fall Treats

Red delicious, granny smith, fuji will give you the goods if you want some super tasty fall dessert. Try these 25 Astounding Apple Dessert Recipes!

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Article Image From: AnItalianInTheKitchen

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1. Apple Fritter Dessert Bread

Apple Fritter Bread is a sweet old-fashioned dessert bread that’s stuffed with an apple mixture made out of apples and cinnamon, then drizzled with a powdered sugar glaze. This is the perfect recipe to make ahead and take as a snack or quick breakfast, or serve as dessert. 

From: DinnerThenDessert

2. Classic Apple Pie

This classic homemade apple pie features a sweet apple filling packed inside a delicious flaky pie crust. The perfect pie for fall or Thanksgiving!

From: LiveWellBakeOften

3. Cinnamon Sugar Apple Fritters

Are you looking for the BEST Apple Fritter recipe? You should give this easy homemade version a try. The apple rings are fried and then dipped into cinnamon sugar – fall perfection!

From: SavoryNothings

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4. Apple Crumble Cupcakes

My Apple Crumble Cupcakes are soft, apple filled and topped with deliciously smooth custard frosting and crunchy crumbles. The perfect way to enjoy a classic British dessert!

From: AnniesNoms

5. Easy Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding

Caramel Apple Bread Pudding is a delicious dish made from sliced apples and bread combined with a spiced custard, baked and drizzled with caramel syrup. Lovely apple bread pudding recipe that everyone devours! 

From: ButterWithASideOfBread

6. Homemade Apple Pie Enchiladas

Baked Apple Pie Enchiladas give you all the cinnamony goodness of hot apple pie stuffed securely into a tortilla and drizzled with caramel sauce…

From: SugarApron

7. Apple Pie Cheesecake

Beautiful marriage between apple pie and cheesecake in one amazing Apple Pie Cheesecake dessert. Silky, creamy cheesecake is flavored with cinnamon and topped with homemade apple pie filling and some toffee crunch pieces.

From: WillCookForSmiles

8. Apple Galette

They’re friendly, approachable, and my favorite: low maintenance. Basically a free-form pie where any possible mistakes are comforted in the fact that you can’t mess this up. If you know how to fold dough over filling, you know how to make a galette.

From: SallysBakingAddiction

9. Mini Walnut Apple Pies

Mini Walnut Apple Pies, an easy recipe for mini apple pies loaded with crunchy walnuts that is perfect for Thanksgiving dessert and holiday parties. These mini muffin tin apple pies are also great to make ahead and freeze!

From: SnappyGourmet

10. Salted Caramel Apple Sheet Cake

If you haven’t had a dessert with salted caramel, then you are missing out.  The salted caramel makes this Salted Caramel Apple Sheet Cake recipe amazing!

From: BackyardEden

11. The Best Apple Cobbler

We all love Peach Cobbler but have you tried Apple Cobbler yet?? I’m head over heels in love with it! Think of the soft and buttery cake-like biscuit topping of a cobbler then think of the flavors of the filling of an apple pie and this is what you get!

From: CookingClassy

12. Homemade Cinnamon Apple Strudel

Homemade Cinnamon Apple Strudel, a delicious made from scratch a pastry dough, then filled with  a cinnamon, brown sugar and apple filling. Don’t forget to drizzle with a Maple Syrup Glaze.  Perfect anytime!

From: AnItalianInTheKitchen

13. Easy Apple Dumplings

These Easy Apple Dumplings are made with crescent rolls, cinnamon, butter, sugar and lemon lime soda. The flavor is amazing!

From: TheCountryCook

14. Caramel Apple Pecan Cobbler

This Caramel Apple Pecan Cobbler is stacked with succulent, delicate, tart apples, cleaved walnuts and delightful caramel, beat with a tasty shoemaker garnish and after that caramel showered over the top for an inconceivably flavorful, family top pick, natively constructed treat that has an aftertaste like paradise.

From: Mommy’sKitchen

15. The Best Stuffed Apples

This is a beautiful and rustic dessert that is absolutely perfect for fall. While these Baked Apples are cooking the cozy and sweet flavors will drift throughout your home. It is glorious!

From: CelebratingSweets

16. Apple Bundt Cake

This Apple Bundt Cake has been a family favorite for years, one that my great-grandmother used to make! I would ask her, “How do you make a bundt cake, Grandma?” And she would lean in with a gleam in her eye and whisper, “You just stand by me and I’ll show you!”

From: IAmBaker

17. Rustic French Apple Tart

Like an apple pie without the pan, this French apple tart consists of a thin layer of sliced apples baked atop a buttery, flaky crust.

From: OnceUponAChef

18. Apple Hand Pies

Homemade apple hand pies are a great apple dessert to make any time of the year. Watch the quick step by step video to learn how to make these mini apple pies.

From: TheFirstYear

19. Simple Apple Crisp

Today’s recipe is a quicker and easier, more classic version of an apple crisp. Most apple crisps have a thick, crumble oat topping. This one has a sugar cookie type topping that is thinner and resembles more of a shortbread/sugar cookie taste. It’s so basic but I always come back this version because it’s so good. 

From: TogetherAsAFamily

20. The Best Cinnamon Apple Cake

A deliciously easy Cinnamon Apple Cake made from scratch. This soft and tender Apple Cake is packed with fresh apples and features a crunchy cinnamon topping and a drizzle of sweet frosting.

From: TheSweetestMenu

21. Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

I have a confession. I made and shot these salted caramel apple pie bars 2 weeks ago and have made them 3 more times since. They are THAT good. Imagine a slice of apple pie, but better. A buttery shortbread crust. A brown sugary oat streusel. Gooey cinnamon apples. And silky smooth salted caramel.

From: SallysBakingAddiction

22. Apple Dump Cake

Apple Dump Cake is a 4-ingredient recipe that results in a delicious fall dessert that’s a cross between apple cake and apple crisp!

From: SugarAndSoul

23. Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

The payoff is so worth it. Creamy apple cheesecake, shortbread crust, and the oat streusel with caramel drizzle. Amazing! I kept taking small bites of these every time I went to the fridge to get something…… I clearly had no self control around them.

From: TogetherAsAFamily

24. Apple Blondies

These Apple Blondies are a perfect Autumn dessert that mixes apple pie and blondies. Yummy Apple Cake Bars with a large scoop of ice cream make for the most delicious fall treat! A requested recipe every time I make them.

From: NumsTheWord

25. Old Fashioned Apple Crisp

A true classic Fall dessert, this easy apple crisp recipe is reminiscent of generations past.  Pop this apple crisp in the oven and wait for the delicious smell to waft through your house!

From: TheChunkyChef

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