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7 Majestic Health Benefits of Mineral Water

We need water to stay alive. It makes up 70% of our bodies. Wouldn’t you like to drink the best? Read 7 Majestic Health Benefits Of Mineral Water!

Have you ever stopped to think that the kind of water you’re drinking makes a direct impact on your mental and physical health?

You’re probably thinking to yourself that water is just that, water. The truth is that the quality of your water depends on where you get it from.

What Is Mineral Water?

Unique from most sources of water, mineral water is sourced directly from natural springs, it contains a high concentration of minerals, and vitamins which are essential for healthy living (1).

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These minerals are not added to the water, but rather occur naturally. You’ll find magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc and potassium to a name a few. Everything about the water depends on where it was sourced from, so not all mineral water is created equally.

The FDA states that mineral water must contain 250 parts per million of dissolved solids. Many people choose mineral water due to it being pure, and untainted by chemicals.

Tap water can also provide some minerals, although it will be at lower levels than mineral water, unless its hard tap water.

What Are the Benefits of Mineral Water?

1. Better Bones

Rich in sources of calcium, it can aid in the formation of stronger bones. It also helps you keep your teeth and nails protected from wear and tear.

2. Helps Keep Fat Low

The minerals inside the water help your body break down fat more efficiently by increasing your metabolism.

3. Regulates Blood Pressure

If your levels of calcium and magnesium are low, then it can contribute to high blood pressure. Mineral water can replenish your levels of these important nutrients, and lower your blood pressure (2).

4. Improves Heart Health

Mineral water can help you break down fat in the body. This makes sure that bad cholesterol (LDL) is reduced. Otherwise this cholesterol will attach itself to different arteries in and around the heart, and cause heart disease.

5. Reduces Constipation

Magnesium can help the digestive system by pulling water back into the intestines, and making your bowl movements softer and more regular.

6. Better Muscle Movement

Minerals such as magnesium and potassium act as electrolytes, and help your muscles respond better to stress.

7. Better Memory

If you’re suffering from memory problems, mineral water may be able to help. It contains potassium, which is know to promote concentration and overall cognitive functioning.

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