8 Easy Ways To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

You don’t have to suffer needlessly without any idea how to stop it. Give yourself the tools to overcome. Read 8 Easy Ways To Relieve Stress And Anxiety!

It can come on when you least expect it, and could be due to any number of things that are outside your control. Stress and anxiety play a huge part in the health problems of those in the west.

Maybe you went through a bad breakup, got fired from your job, or are having money problems. The reasons can vary, but the way we deal with them should define how we recover.

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You lose sleep, your mind starts spinning endlessly in circles trying to over analyze the same issue. Your house is a mess, you’re late paying the credit card, and your dog needs to see the vet. Things can pile up and then a feeling of overwhelm can take over.

General feelings of well being are obliterated, and you may find yourself unable to function in normal daily tasks. The pattern can become extremely destructive if not taken care of quickly.

1. Workout

You need to put yourself in a state of physical stress to help relieve the mental stress. Sounds like its backwards, but it works. The exercise will help relieve the stress chemicals effects in your body.

Cortisol is something that causes extreme stress, but can be stopped with the endorphins you get from working out. It will also help tire you out, and allow you to catch some deep sleep.

Usually stress and anxiety will severely disrupt your sleep, and cause your cortisol levels to spike even further. Also, you will experience a sense of accomplishment from making yourself more fit.

2. Use Essential Oils

Any kind of scented candle or oil diffuser will help you calm your nerves. There are several scents you can choose to help improve your sense of wellbeing. Lavender and Ylang Ylang are just a couple of examples of scents that relieve stress and anxiety.

3. Get Better Sleep

If you’re tossing and turning all night, and wake up right when the sun rises, it can be very difficult to stay positive. Losing just a couple hours of sleep can increase feelings of stress and anxiety dramatically.

Learn to develop a routine to limit your screen time before bed, and other distractions.

4. Limit The Bad

A couple of the main culprits are caffeine and alcohol. They both make stress and anxiety worse, sometimes severely depending on the person.

What you put in your body is directly related to how your mind operates. Focus on clean, healthy whole foods, and drinks.

5. Get A Journal

Sometimes the best way to let it all out is to write things down. The act of putting it on paper will help you better analyze your own thoughts. Another good idea is to write down things you are grateful for.

6. Spend Time With Loved Ones

The people your truly care about are the best stress relievers possible. If you truly love someone, it will bring you joy to be around them. Spend time appreciating these connections in your life.

7. Stop Taking On Too Much

One possible reason you are stressed out and feeling anxious could be that you simply have put too much pressure on yourself. Do you have too many responsibilities to be able to fulfill?

If so, you may end up floundering in all of them, instead of succeeding with a couple.  Be careful what you say yes to. Learn to say no to whatever isn’t truly important. Balance is key to reducing stress and anxiety.

8. Stop Putting Things Off

Procrastination is the enemy of happiness, and positivity. If you let your responsibilities pile up until they are unmanageable, you will stop being in control of your life.

Instead you will be forced to rush in an attempt to catch up, and may likely fail. This will cause even more of a compound effect of stress and anxiety.

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