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The Intoxicating Health Benefits Of Red Wine

We’re not saying you should drink every day, but when you do, choose the right kind for your health. Read The Intoxicating Health Benefits Of Red Wine!

There is evidence that drinking a moderate amount of red wine can help prevent the onset of several diseases. It may also help you live a longer, happier life.

The key takeaway is to ensure that you don’t cross the line from responsible drinking to excessive consumption. Some people shouldn’t drink any alcohol, so be aware of your limitations. Always consult with a doctor before deciding to increase the amount you are drinking.

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How Is Red Wine Made?

The vineyard will start by picking the grapes, and collect them bins. The grapes are then taken to be crushed, turning them into juice. The crushed grapes and their skin go into a vat to ferment. During this stage the wine turns red.

Many kinds of wine can be made depending on the variety of grape being used. Each one will produce a different flavor, and color. Some stronger, some more mild. You may be familiar with the different ones such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel.

Typically, red wine contains about 12-14% alcohol by volume. Current research suggests that drinking a moderate amount of red wine can produce positive health effects (1). The health benefits are limited to one glass per day for women, and up to glasses per day for men.

The French Diet And Lifestyle

The current debate among scientists revolves around the wonderful health the French people seem to possess, even though they consume high levels of saturated fats, and drink red wine daily (2[DG1] ). Levels of coronary heart disease are much lower in France, than the United States.

A couple reasons may explain this phenomenon. First, saturated fat may not actually cause heart disease if eaten in reasonable amounts. Second is that saturated fats may cause heart disease, but there is something else in their diet which offsets the problems caused by saturated fat.

In this case, the theory is red wine has compounds in it which may protect the heart. Another name for this theory is ‘The French Paradox’.

Where Does The Good Stuff In Red Wine Come From?

Grapes contain many powerful antioxidants that are the most likely components that provide protective benefits for your health. These antioxidants are supposed to help reduce the damage from free radicals which cause chronic inflammation in the cells.

They also may help prevent serious diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular disease (3). It may also help you extend the amount of time you live. Resveratrol is one of these powerful antioxidants. It is believed that it comes from the skin of the red grapes.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Red Wine?

1. Reduces Heart Disease

Small amounts of red wine help improve cardiovascular health. If anything beyond the recommended amount is consumed, it will increase the risk for developing the disease.

2. Can Prevent Strokes

Drinking a glass of wine a few times a week can help reduce the chance of having a stroke (4).

3. Less Cancer

Studies suggest that red wine may contain some bio-active components that can stop the growth of cancer cells (5).

4. Prevent Dementia

Drinking a few glasses of wine per week has been shown to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (6).

5. Reduces Depression

If you drink red wine a few times a week, it may help to reduce depression, and anxiety (7).

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