10 Healing Houseplants For Stress Relief: Healthy Home

Brighten up your home decor, and clear the air. Let nature do the decorating. Read about 10 Healing Houseplants For Stress Relief!

What if we told you that there’s an all-natural way to relieve your stress, make your home more beautiful, help you prevent illness, improve your mood and clean your air?

Well, there is such a wonderful thing, and it’s called the houseplant. The ultimate functional decoration for your home. In fact, the greener your space, the better mental health you may enjoy (1).

It’s been shown that stress and anxiety are relieved when you interact with plants. You will enjoy a calmer heart rate, and healthier blood pressure. The reason? Plants make you happier.

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They help you connect to the deeper truths of our world, such as the beauty of life, and the value of time. Plus, they help you stay more focused in the present moment, where your thoughts will not be able to steer your mind into negativity.

If you think that caring for plants will be difficult, don’t worry, they are easy. They will help you on your journey to peace, happiness, and well-being. But you need to make sure you choose the right types of plants, not based solely on looks.

Choose plants that are easy to take care of, made for indoor environments, and resistant to stress. You’ll also need to determine what amount of sunlight they can handle, and require.

Nature is here to help, and we’ve got just the lineup of wonderful houseplants for your home:

1. Aloe Vera

An easy to grow succulent, that looks cool, and can be used to help clean your air. It absorbs energy during the daytime, and produces oxygen during the evening.

It can be placed on a small desk, or table. Or if you want something bigger, it can be potted and placed in a room with more sun.

2. Rubber Tree

Super easy to grow, and they do well in low light rooms. They are great for removing pollution from the air.

3. Bonsai Tree

These are living miniature works of art. They look like a shrunken down version of a full grown tree in its natural environment.

4. Snake Plant

These plants require minimal light and water, so they are easy to care for, and will take to whatever area of the home you place them. They are good for a boost of fresh oxygen in your room.

5. Golden Pothos

Extremely easy to grow, and keeps its green color even in the worst of conditions. It grows fast, and can be a great hanging houseplant, since it is a vine. It will help absorb pollutants from city life, and will bring you good energy!

6. Tillandsia

Also known as an air plant, they are nearly indestructible. They don’t require special soil, or much care at all, but they can look beautiful, and purify the air. You can place them in cool looking containers made of glass, or tight nooks such as a bookcase or piece of driftwood.

7. Bamboo Palm

This houseplant was near the top of the list from NASA’s best air purifying plants list. They prefer shade, and lots of water.

8. Red Edged Dracaena

This houseplant can grow very tall if you want it to, which is perfect for filling up unused spaces. It does best in direct sunlight, and is great at removing toxins from the air.

9. Fiddle Leaf Fig

This houseplant is great for adding some good energy to your home. It is very hardy and can usually adapt to any home environment. It likes bright light, and warmth.

10. Jasmine

This little shrub is a great stress reliever for your home. It grows clusters of little white flowers that release a relaxing scent. Your mood will be better, sleep will be deeper, and anxiety lessened. A scented houseplant you will love.

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