The 9 Best Ways To Avoid Burnout: Healthy Lifestyle

Stress and work can lead you down a never ending path of misery. Learn how to take the wheel and relax. Read the 9 Best Ways To Avoid Burnout!

You probably know the feeling if you’re like most people who are trying to get ahead. You’ve got big goals, dreams, and the ambition and drive to match.

There’s only one problem.

You may be pushing yourself too hard. In fact, job burnout has become all too common in the workplace today. It causes a substantial loss of productivity, and an increase in healthcare costs (1).

You may even be diagnosed with burnout if you visit your doctor, as its been classified as a real health condition by the World Health Organization. You won’t get rid of burnout unless you do something to take the pressure off.

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Eventually it will lead to serious mental health problems such as depression, and even physical ones like hypertension, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. Let’s take a look at the possible signs that you have burnout:

1. You Keep Hoping You Can Go Home Early

You might just hate your job in general, but doing so will lead to burnout. If all you think about is when you’re going home, there’s a good chance its because you’ve been overstretched. Suddenly, even the tasks you enjoy doing become mundane and exhausting.

2. You Can’t Focus

You’re having problems just doing the basic work you’re used to completing. Simple things become more difficult, and you are taking longer and longer to complete them. There may be no energy left for you to be productive anymore.

3. You Are Exhausted

Emotionally and physically, you are drained. You may have problems sleeping, and get strange cravings for unhealthy foods.

4. You Stop Socializing

Once your energy is gone, it becomes harder to talk to people, and hold a conversation. You won’t want to use any energy interacting, and will become isolated.

5. You Have A Short Fuse

Suddenly you are losing your temper. Not just with strangers, but friends and family. Dealing with regular stresses such as chores, errands, and other responsibilities become almost too much to bear.

6. You Get Sick Too Often

If you are suffering from chronic stress, and burnt out, you will lower your body’s natural immunity to viruses and bacteria. This leads to a high susceptibility of becoming ill, and taking much longer than normal to recover from burnout.

You can’t prevent things from stressing you out all the time. But you can choose how you respond to the stress, and that will determine if you can recover. Let’s look at some steps to avoid burnout:

1. Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Yes, H20 and other healthy drinks are a must. If you get dehydrated, it will accelerate the process of burnout. Your brain is 70% water, so don’t let it shrivel up and burnout!

2. Exercise

Taking any kind of physical action helps release stress relieving chemicals into the body. It can be something as simple as taking a walk with the dog, or doing push-ups at home. You don’t have to hit the gym.

3. Eat Healthy

This one seems pretty obvious, but its easier said than done. Add more vegetables to your diet for starters. Second, eat fatty fish that contain lots of omega-3’s, or take a supplement. This will help elevate your mood, and reduce burnout.

4. Get Higher Quality Sleep

This is a big contributor to preventing burnout. If you don’t get enough REM deep sleep, you won’t be able to adapt to all the stress your brain is processing.

Focus on creating a bedtime routine to get you relaxed, and get rid of any screens, or blue light near your bed.

5. Reach Out

Sometimes you can’t fix it on your own. If you have any close friends or family members who you can talk to, it will give you a way to unload the burden.

6. Make Time For Fun

At least once per week, you should set aside a chunk of time to have fun. It lets you relax, and take your mind off the problems you’re working on solving later. Don’t neglect your inner child.

7. Take Breaks Often

If you already have burnout, chances are you’re not doing this. Take a couple days a week to just veg out at home, or go on a mini-vacation for the weekend. It won’t solve the problem, but it will start pushing you back in the right direction.

8. Audit Your Inner Circle

Spend time with people who bring positive energy. Cut loose the ones who add unnecessary stress or anxiety. The people who you spend most of your time with should support you, and your health.

9. Relax The Mind And Body

Regular practice in yoga or mediation may be a great way to reduce the chance of burnout. They both help you take a step back, and release all of the tension you’re building up inside.

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