7 Signs That He’s In Love With You: Happy Relationship

Ah Love… There’s nothing quite like it. It’s rare, delicate and beautiful like a flower. Read these 7 Signs That He’s In Love With You!

You’ve been seeing each other for awhile now. There’s a question that keeps looming in your mind. Does he just like me? Or does he love me? Many of us have an idealized version of what love is, and we hold onto that vision as a benchmark for our expectations.

The thing is, we may not know what we’re actually looking for, until it smacks us in the face. Or perhaps you’ve fallen for someone, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. Many have been hurt in the past by people we’ve given our hearts to, only to have them throw it away carelessly.

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A man can tell you he loves you, but words don’t always tell the truth. On the other hand, his actions may show his love in the total absence of the four-letter word. Here are some signs you may be the apple of his eye:

1. He Talks About The Future

And he includes you in that future. If your man has visions and plans of his future, where there is fun, and happiness; chances are he sees you as a long-term love interest. Not just a fling.

2. Googly Eyes

OK, maybe not like the goofy look into your eyes type stare, but instead a look where he is trying to connect with you on a deeper level.

Not just a look of sexual desire, but emotionally connect through looking at one another, and you’ll see what we mean.

3. He Becomes Selfless Around You

Have you noticed that he makes time for you? Does he give a strong effort to make you happy?

If you man goes out of his way to try and make your life better, not just monetarily, but through his attention; this is a sign he truly cares for you.

4. You Become His World

Sometimes he will be busy, but he will always make sure you understand why he can’t be with you. And he will be sure to try and arrange time to spend with you as soon as he can.

You become the person he wants in his life not as an option, but as the priority.

5. He Wants To Be Around You All The Time

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this is especially true for men. If he is in love with you, he will of course give all of his affection to you in person.

What you should also notice is how does he behave when you aren’t together.

 If he misses you, and reaches out to let you know, that’s a great sign.  On the other hand, if he’s going several days on end without even saying hello, there may be a lack of attraction.

When two people are in love, they long to be together constantly. We’re not talking about the kind of longing that weird stalker dude has for you, which is borderline scary.

Instead you have each other in your thoughts, and the little things remind you of your bond. There’s no doubt between you two about the way he feels.

6. He Sticks It Out

One surefire way to tell if he loves you? He’ll stick around when things get hard. Its easy when things are going well.

How does he behave when things get tough? Love doesn’t give up; it keeps going until he’s tried everything in his power to make it work.

7. You Just Know It’s Love

After reading all of these items, there’s one thing left. Your intuition. Sometimes we lie to ourselves, and its not always obvious. But when it comes to love, you should just know.

Do people comment on how you two are great together? Do you feel at ease with the way things are going? Anxiety, worrying and fear won’t exist in a place of authenticity.

If you get the feeling that something isn’t right, you may unfortunately be correct.

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