10 More Amazing Sights To See In California

There’s just too many wondrous places in Cali to not check it out! Read about 10 More Amazing Places To Visit In California!

We’ve got another 10 places you’ll want to go visit, because the first 10 were just the beginning! If you like green lush forests, and blue seaside views of the ocean, look no further than California’s expansive landscape. Take a look at more of our favorite spots:

1. California One Highway

It is known to many as one of the best scenic drives anywhere on earth. Highway One begins at the northernmost point of California, and goes down to San Diego near the border.

Over a 10-hour drive, it will provide with several different beautiful stopping points along the way. From small towns, mountains, seaside views, beaches, restaurants, and more.

2. Big Basin Redwoods State Park

The oldest state park in California, is located in the mountains near Santa Cruz. Over 80 miles of hiking trails, and approximately 40 campsites, it’s the perfect getaway for a tranquil vacation. Horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, and more fun can be had here.

3. Humboldt Redwoods State Park

An enormous state park located in Northern California, on the South end of Humboldt. This park has more redwood trees than any other in the state. Double the size of San Francisco, it is the perfect place to see old growth trees and redwoods in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Go horseback riding, camping, hiking, and see the Avenue of the Giants.

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4. Angel Island State Park

Situated in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, Angel Island is the second largest island in the area. It boasts wonderful historical tours, showcasing old buildings used from the period of the civil war, through World War II.

There are numerous hiking and biking trails, and the views the Bay Area are second to none. Come by ferry, or bring your own boat and dock it on the shores, this is a magical place. The best island in California!

5. Golden Gate Bridge

A show stopping destination that should be on any travelers list. The iconic Golden Gate bridge is an unforgettable place for all who visit. Take a guided tour, walk or bike across the bridge, and check out its visitor center for historical information.

6. Santa Monica Pier, California

One of the most famous historical landmarks in Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Pier is open for visitors year-round. You will find different amusement rides and games at Pacific Park, and it’s free to enter.

There is also an aquarium, bike rentals, pier tours, restaurants, and shopping destinations. The beach is also close by so you may lounge after a nice day of exploration.

7. Laguna Beach, California

Beautiful blue skies, white sand, and an average temperature in the mid 70’s. It has over 30 different beaches, some secluded, so that you can find the perfect spot to get away and relax. It also has extensive trails to explore, and can be great for moving around on foot or bicycle.

The food selection is to die for. Tacos, beer, seafood, steak, and more await your palette. The spectacular sunsets are another reason you’ll want to make your visit more than a day trip.

8. Disneyland

If you’re like many people, some of your fondest memories as a child were of Disney characters. Some people call it the happiest place on earth, and it’s something every kid and adult alike should experience at least once.

Come for the rides, tasty treats, and spectacular shows, then stay nearby in the Disneyland resort.

9. Sierra Nevada Foothills Gold Country


This is where some of the original 49’er gold miners came in the famous gold rush. You’ll want to visit some interesting places such as the Empire Mine Historic Park, which was one of the largest gold mines in California.

Also, Nevada City is a wonderful tourist town, that is steeped in a deep historical setting of old Victorian style homes, and quaint mom and pop shops.

10. Mammoth Lakes, California

Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this place is where many go for skiing, fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking and more. You’ll find something to do year round here.

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