10 Beautiful Places To Visit In California

Thinking about an adventure? See the state that attracts people from all over the world. Read about 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In California!

Wondering what sort of adventure you can find in the golden state? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of options. California is host to some of the most breathtaking forests, and beaches the world has ever seen. Use this guide to check off your bucket list, in an adventure in beauty:

1. Yosemite National Park

This park is located in the central part of California, and has nearly 4 million visitors per year come to see its beauty. Home to the famous half dome, a hiking and climbing destination for tourists across the world.

It has an array of amazing wildlife, waterfalls, mountains for those who have a taste for adventure.

2. Santa Cruz

A famous town located on the beach, it was where surfing first took hold in California, passed on from Hawaiian royals. The Beach Boardwalk holds many fun tourist attractions, including games, rides, restaurants, and of course the lovely beach itself.

3. Joshua Tree National Park

This park is named for the trees (Joshua trees) which are found there in the desert. It also has some of the strangest landscapes in the state, with large boulders, spikey trees, and endless desert wilderness surrounding.

Perfect for hiking and camping, star gazing at night, and taking beautiful photos of the scenery.

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4. Big Sur

Located at the edge of the ocean, its beauty can hardly be described merely with words. It consists of 90 miles of spectacular coastline. There are several state parks, mountains, beaches, rivers and more. Perfect for camping, hiking, and exploring wildlife.

5. Monterey Beaches

Monterey is home to several beaches that line its coast. The perfect place to spend a leisurely day surfing, swimming, fishing or kayaking. Bonfires are allowed at several of these beaches, so you can keep the party going into the night.

6. Emerald Bay

A small island sits inside the bay, and is surrounded by lush green mountains. It is a wonderful hiking destination, and has a couple camping areas designated for visitors.

A great year-round destination for the entire family.

7. Muir Woods

Located just a short distance from the Golden Gate Bridge, you can see some beautiful redwood trees. You will be surrounded by a beautiful forest sound in the Cathedral Grove.

A great destination for those who like to go on day hikes.

8. Napa Valley

Located north of San Francisco, it is known for its beautiful hills, and vineyards as far as the eye can see. This is the perfect getaway for those who enjoy award winning wine, delectable food and endless relaxation.

This region of California is wonderful to visit nearly any time of the year.

9. Mariposa Woods

This is where you will find the largest redwood trees in Yosemite. Mariposa Woods has over 500 giant sequoia trees to see. The oldest tree in the grove named ‘Grizzly Giant’ is believed to be between 1900 to 2400 years old.

10. Glacier Point

A mountain that is high above Yosemite National Park, it stands over 7,200ft high in elevation. It gives the most spectacular views below, showing half dome, Yosemite, and all of the different waterfalls.

At night, you can see the entire milky way galaxy. The perfect spot to go star gazing.

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