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10 Wholesome Heart Healthy Foods: Natures Gift

Your heart depends on quality food to operate. Give it the best, and prevent the worst. Read about 10 Wholesome Heart Healthy Foods!

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in America today. Consequently more and more evidence supports the need to improve our diets, and save our health.

Therefore we need to transition from unhealthy processed foods, to natural heart healthy foods that support our health.

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What Are The Best Foods For Heart Health?

We’ve compiled a concise list of the top 10 foods that you can start incorporating into your diet today:

1. Leafy Greens

Foods like spinach, kale, watercress, romaine lettuce provide a large number of essential vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidant compounds that promote heart health.

These veggies provide lots of vitamin K, which helps keep your arteries healthy (1, 2). Leafy greens may also help to prevent heart disease in general.

2. 100% Whole Grains

They are great sources of fiber, and essential nutrients that help control blood pressure, and promote a healthy heart (3). Look at the label to be sure your products contain 100% whole grain.

3. Fresh Herbs

Instead of packing on the salt or butter on your food, you can replace some of the taste with herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage, or oregano. They are all natural, and help you replace the bad ingredients.

4. Black Beans

Chock full of nutrients that are good for your heart. They help lower blood pressure, and reduce cholesterol, and excessive blood sugar (4). The perfect addition to your soup or salad!

5. Berries

These tasty little bites of nature are power packed with all the best nutrients for a healthy heart (5). They contain antioxidants which protect against free radicals that can cause cell death. They also can reduce cholesterol, allowing your heart to stay happier.

6. Red Wine

If you can moderate your drinking, then some red wine is a good choice. It contains a couple of antioxidants that can protect the lining of the heart, and arteries.

The term ‘French Paradox’ was coined due to the low rate of heart disease in France in spite of high saturated fat intake; attributed to regular red wine consumption (6).

7. Salmon

Rich in the famed Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is a go-to for a healthy heart. These healthy fats lower the risk of heart disease, and even can lower blood pressure.

Therefore it is recommended that you consume two servings of salmon or fish with high omega-3 per week (7).

8. Tomatoes

These are rich in lycopene, which is antioxidant responsible for giving tomatoes their red color. Lycopene can help reduce the instances of cardiovascular disease, and stroke (8).

This happens because free radicals are neutralized, preventing chronic inflammatory issues in the heart tissue, and arteries.

9. Olive Oil

This is a heart healthy fat in liquid form, made from olives. It is a key ingredient in Mediterranean diets. Studies show that consumption of olive oil leads to a 48% reduction in death from cardiovascular disease (9).

10. Almonds

Full of nutrients that are essential for a healthy heart, almonds make the perfect mid-day snack. They also contain fiber, and reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, and maintain healthy levels of HDL (good) cholesterol (10).

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