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4 Fantastic Health Benefits Of Lemons: Yellow Bliss

When life gives you lemons… be grateful! These babies are full of vitamins and antioxidants. Read about 4 Fantastic Health Benefits Of Lemons!

They’re sour, and tart at the same time. Bright yellow and beautiful, these one of nature’s most vibrant fruits.

Lemons may not be the most appetizing choice for eating alone, but when combined with your food and drink, could provide some wonderfully tasty and healthy benefits. Lemons may be the most popular of the citrus fruits.

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Lemons have been grown in different parts of the old world for centuries. They originated from India sometime around the first century AD. Lemons have been identified as a mix between a bitter type of orange and a citron.

They have many uses from making lemonade, using as an ingredient in candies, cakes and pies or to use the juice and rind in several food dishes.

Let’s Look At How Lemons May Improve Health:

1. Promote A Healthy Heart & Mind

Lemons contain vitamin C, and eating the equivalent of one lemon provides half of the recommended daily intake. Research indicates that getting adequate amounts of vitamin C can help you prevent heart disease (1).

You may also get the benefit of preventing a stroke from long term low levels of vitamin C being added to your diet (2).

Apparently, long term low doses of vitamin C can give you neuroprotective benefits that specifically protect against the most common type of stroke, called Ischemic stroke.

This stroke happens when a blood clot forms a barrier in the arteries, effectively stopping blood from flowing to the brain.

2. Could Ward Off Kidney Stones

If you’ve ever had one, or known someone who has had one; you have probably also heard of the intense pain that comes with passing a kidney stone. Kidney stones form when waste products in the body harden and crystalize into tiny pebble like shapes.

The citric acid in lemons helps dissolve the stones by raising the acidity in your urine, so that you can hopefully avoid passing a stone through the urinary tract (3).

3. Lemons Could Prevent Cancer

With such high doses of vitamin C, lemons may have enough antioxidants to fight cancer. Antioxidants bind to and destroy free radicals in the body, and stop inflammation which eventually produces cancerous cells.

Researchers determined that through an analysis of over 17 studies; that the subjects studies who had higher citrus fruit intake had a 50% reduction in oral cancer compared to those with the lowest intake (4).

Another study shows that the peels of lemons and other citrus fruits may actually be highly beneficial as a food additive to prevent cancer, and shouldn’t be thrown away but instead used to promote health (5).

The actual benefits come from the essential oils and flavones extracted from the peels. Essential oils in lemon peel contains a compound called D-limonene, and it has been shown to cause cell death in cancer cells (7).

4. Prevents Anemia

Anemia occurs when the body doesn’t get enough iron from your diet. Because of this, you end up not being able to produce enough healthy blood cells.

Lemons contain small amounts of iron to aid the body in producing blood cells, but more importantly, it contains vitamin C in large amounts. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron more easily from different foods we eat.

You may be eating enough iron, but your body may not be able to properly use it without the help of Vitamin C. This is especially true for plant-based sources of iron. Food such as leafy greens are much harder for the body to absorb.

If you aren’t eating a lot of meat, then you’ll need vitamin C. The flavanols in the lemons may also help prevent anemia. One study done on rats showed that citrus flavanols actually increased the production of red blood cells in the body (6).

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