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6 Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water: Tropical Treat

Its tasty, hydrating, and good for your health. This taste of the tropics could be your new go to drink. Read these 6 Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water!

We all know water is the top choice for hydration. But there are other options, and sometimes water can get pretty boring. Coconut water is full of different compounds that make it a wonderful alternative.

It comes from the clear fluid that’s found inside coconuts before they are ripened. The coconut grows on palm trees, and doesn’t full mature until nearly a year of growth.

When you want the water, you take the coconut early at around 6 months.

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In the west coconut water is considered a fairly recent phenomenon; but in tropical parts of the world it has been popular for hundreds of years.

Coconut water is not the same thing as coconut milk, although it gets confused regularly.

The milk is actually from a mature coconut, and comes from the meat. It contains more sugar, its thicker, and contains over ten times the calories of coconut water. Check out why you should drink this tropical delight:

1. Contains Essential Vitamins And Minerals

Coconut water interestingly has a good amount of different nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, protein, sodium, calcium and fiber.

2. Good Post Workout Drink

Coconut water has lower carbohydrates compared to many sports drinks, which is great since sugar is generally not a good thing for our health.

It also is great for re-hydrating and adding in some electrolytes that you expended during exercise, and may cause less nausea than traditional sports drinks (1).

It doesn’t have as much sodium as traditional sports drinks, so it wouldn’t be an ideal replacement for the intense workouts.

3. Coconut Water Tastes Better Than Water

Coconut water is low in carbs, but it tastes wonderful. You can drink the water directly from the coconut, but many places also sell it pre-packaged.

Just make sure you are getting a high-quality product, as some brands do not sell the pure kind, but a mixture of other ingredients you don’t want. You can also add it to your post workout shakes to make it taste better.

4. Can Lower Blood Pressure

Because it contains potassium in amounts that are similar to eating a whole banana for each glass, you may get the benefit of reducing your blood pressure (2).

This is especially true if you have high levels of sodium intake. And according at least one other study, coconut water may be responsible for helping to prevent blood clots (3).

5. May Prevent Diabetes

A study done on rats in 2012 showed that coconut water had lowered blood sugar levels and stress from free radicals (4). Sort of counter intuitive since the drink is sweet and delicious!

Further studies do need to be done on humans, but it could be added to your health regimen to replace a sugary drink.

6. Coconut Water Contains Antioxidants

Those free radicals are always trying to cause you harm, but coconut water is on your side because can help you block that damage oxidative stress causes, and protect your cells from death.

Also it protects your DNA from damage (5). Make sure you get the freshest kind possible, and avoid anything pasteurized. The more processed it is, the less beneficial it will be for your health.

Which Coconut Water Should I Drink?

We know there are several brands available out there. As we touched on earlier in the post, you want to avoid anything pasteurized, in concentrate form, or that has any added sugars, or other ingredients.

The best way to drink the water is straight from a green coconut, since it is the freshest, and least processed option available.

You can open the shell, and keep the water inside good for 3-5 days if refrigerated. If that’s too much of a hassle, then we suggest you find a reputable company that uses only fresh green coconuts, without the added junk. 100% pure is the only way to go.

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