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10 Essential Kitchen Tools For The Beginner Cook

You’re ready for your own kitchen, and want to whip up some magic in your food sanctuary. Read about 10 Essential Kitchen Tools For The Beginner Cook!

So, you want to start cooking for yourself? Maybe you just got your first home, or rental, and its time for you to fend for yourself for meals.

The key is to start with the essentials when building your kitchen from ground zero. We know it can seem intimidating, so we’ve compiled a list of the most useful kitchen tools for your journey:

1. Stainless Steel Skillet

You’ll want to opt for stainless steel over non stick or cast iron, since it will be the most durable, easy to use, and clean. Get the 10” skillet for starters.

They can be somewhat expensive, but they will last you decades if you take care of them properly. Make sure to get a clad pan, which is where either aluminum or copper is placed in between the steel.

They conduct heat to help the pan cook at greater temperatures, while the steel covers the pan to stop the retention of smells, plus it’s super durable.

2. Chef Knife

When its time to chop meat, or vegetables, you’re going to want something that can handle it all. This kitchen tool will last a long time, is comfortable for beginners, and is relatively affordable.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money here. See what you can find a restaurant supply store for beginners, and when it gets dull just buy another one. 8” blades are best for starters, but if you’ve got large arms, opt for the 10” blade instead.

chef knife

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3. Cutting Board

This is where you can slice and dice your fruits, veggies, meat without damaging the knife, or your table. The best cutting boards are made from hard woods which are a couple inches thick, so they will be able to handle constant use.

An alternative option is using a bamboo cutting board that is thinner. Avoid using plastic or other synthetic materials, as they can be slippery, and damage your blade.

cutting board and chef knife

4. Heavy Pot

You’ll want an 8-Quart large pot that you can use to boil pasta, or cook veggies. Make sure that you get something that will allow the heat to be moved evenly throughout the pot.

It should be layered with stainless steel, and aluminum, or copper. Try to find something cheaper to start with, preferably under $100.

5. Large Metal Spoon

Perfect multi-use kitchen tool to allow you to stir your sauces, mix different ingredients, and serve your dishes when they are ready. You can find a reasonably priced metal spoon to get started. It shouldn’t cost much more than $10.

6. Measuring Cups

You’ll want this kitchen tool for measuring larger amounts of ingredients. Liquid cups are also able to be placed in the microwave, so you can melt certain ingredients in it.

You want to get one for liquid measuring, and another for dry measurements. Don’t get cheap plastic for the dry cups, you want something that will last.

7. Measuring Spoons

These will come in handy when measuring smaller amounts of ingredients. Make sure they can fit easily into narrow jars so you don’t have trouble reaching the bottom of the container.

Also be sure they have easy to read labels, and can be individually removed from the other spoons for measuring and cleaning.

measuring cups and spoons

8. Metal Sheet Pan

The perfect kitchen tool to cook food on in the oven.  Cookies, pizzas, veggies, and more. You’ll fine endless uses for your sheet tray.

Get a nice quality durable one that will last a long time. You’ll probably be fine with getting what is called the “half-sheet tray”.

9. Veggie Peeler

An essential kitchen tool is the Y-peeler. Of course, you’re going to be eating healthy right? You’ll need to skin veggies and fruits for some of your favorite dishes.

Much better handle than the swivel version, plus it makes peeling faster than its counterpart. Not to mention they are cheap, and relatively inexpensive to replace.

10. Mesh Strainer

This is especially important for making soups, creams and sauces. You need a kitchen tool that will be able to get rid of the clumps, lumps, and extra bits you don’t want floating around in your food.

You can also use it to drain your pasta, sift flour, and much more. Make sure it has hooks so it can fit on your bowls.

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