Top 10 Tips For Healthy Living: Simply Good

Keep it simple, smart, and healthy. These tips will give you a foundation for building a better life. Enjoy these Top 10 Tips For Healthy Living!

We all want to live our best lives. Whatever that means for you, it is clear that we can’t do our best if we’re being held back by health problems.

Also, in an age where cheap processed food, and a constant dopamine drip are available at the touch of our phones, we’re being assaulted by products, and habits that can break us down to the point of death and disease.

The good news is that we can reverse course if we take it one step at a time. It’s never to late to decide that you’re ready to improve your health, and feel good doing it.

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1. Eat Plenty Of Different Healthy Food Types

Our bodies require over 40 types of nutrients to make sure that we stay in good health. Because of this, nothing we eat, or supplement in our diet can substitute for having a variety of different healthy options to add to the plate.

2. Don’t Drink Sugar

If there’s one easy to miss tip, its this. Sugary drinks such as soda may seem obvious, but when you start drinking sweet teas, energy drinks, and fruit juice, you may not realize just how packed full of sugar they are.

Apparently, our brains can’t feel calories in the liquid drinks the same way we feel them in solid foods that are packed with them (1). Talk about tricking ourselves into a huge health problem.

3. Avoid The Fast Food

This can be difficult to do depending on your habits, and work schedule. But there’s one thing we all know, and its that fast food is extremely unhealthy.

Major corporations have specifically engineered their food to become what scientists call “hyperpalatable”, a fancy way of saying super tasty.

These foods actually rewire our brains reward centers, driving addictive and compulsory eating habits which lead to obesity (2). Don’t let big food make your life a statistic.

4. Drink Coffee Regularly

New research is coming out that shows coffee has many health benefits for you besides the jolt to your senses. Several chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even GI tract disorders (3).

5. Eat Lots Of Healthy Fruits And Vegetables

Not all sugar is created equal, and when it comes to the unprocessed kind found in fruit, you can be sure you’ll be doing your body a favor. Just don’t drink too much concentrated fruit juice. Vegetables also are our bodies friends.

Both of these foods contain a multitude of vitamins, minerals, and fiber which we need to stay healthy and regular. They also contain high levels of phytochemicals, which reduce inflammation in body, which is the leading cause of all chronic diseases in the west (4).

6. Drink Water First Thing In The Morning

When you wake up, it’s the best time to add a glass of water to your body. After a long night, your body has built up toxins, including the brain.

Formaldehyde is actually produced in the brain when we become dehydrated, leading to Alzheimer’s disease in our later years.

Drinking water in regular intervals, especially first thing in the morning helps remove formaldehyde, and prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s (5).

7. Keep It Moving!

In today’s technology centered world of convenience, we are becoming more and more sedentary. Sedentary behavior leads to a greater risk of death in general for adults.

Some studies suggest that it can lead to diabetes, and obesity (6). Take the time to go for a 30-minute walk daily, or spend a couple hours per week lifting weights.

You need to keep your heart healthy by using your body the way it was intended.

8. Don’t Smoke Or Do Drugs

Alcohol, cigarettes, and many types of illegal drugs are very bad for not only your physical health, but your mental health as well.

If you have a habit you need to break, seek some help in this area before trying to improve other parts of your life. Drinking in moderation is ok, but don’t overdo it.

9. Stop Eating Processed Carbs

These foods have been altered from their natural state, and are missing key vitamins, minerals and fiber. Afterwards, all that’s left are simple carbs, which break down into sugar very quickly, causing insulin spikes in your bloodstream. This will eventually lead to a problem with your metabolism, and potentially diabetes (7).

10. Work On Getting The Best Sleep Possible

If you don’t get a solid night’s sleep, your body is operating in a danger zone for your health. And its not just the amount of sleep, but the quality of sleep as well. In fact, you may be susceptible to becoming sicker, and for a longer period of time if you don’t sleep.

That cold you almost fought off, just got a toehold in your body (8). But you’ll have bigger problems than just the virus floating around your body. Inadequate sleep appears to have substantial consequences for our heart health too (9).

Wait theres more! According to one study done in Tokyo, poor sleep leads to several brain disorders that cause mental and physical disabilities, and may cause obesity and metabolic syndrome (10).

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