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10 Soothing Sorbet Recipes: Summer Desserts

Whats the key to a great sorbet? Fresh fruit that can bring your palette to the brink of delight. Enjoy these 10 Soothing Sorbet Recipes!

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Article Image From: TheGreedyVegan

1. Watermelon Coconut Sorbet

Sorbet is a simple combination of fruit (puree) and sugar water. Since my daughter is really trying to avoid dairy, I knew she would be able to enjoy this dessert! I would normally use coconut milk, but I only had cream of coconut on hand.

From: SimplySophisticate

2. Blueberry Sorbet

This sweet, tangy dessert has all the cell-protecting benefits of blueberries without the sugar impact of traditional sorbet. It’s a win-win!

From: JJVirgin

3. 3-Ingredient Pineapple Sorbet

Making homemade pineapple sorbet is a great way to save money, but savor fresh, delicious and healthy desserts ready in no time, perfect to impress your friends. Hey, I’m saying: no dairy, vegan, easy, inexpensive, low calories and low fat… this is a dream, especially at the end of a meal.

From: TheCleverMeal

4. Strawberry Banana Sorbet

This Strawberry Banana Sorbet is the creamiest, most lucious, sorbet I have ever had in my entire life. Best of all, it tastes like real fruit because it IS! Perfectly sweet bananas are whirled with plump and juicy strawberries to create the Strawberry Banana Sorbet of a lifetime. And it couldn’t be more simple.

From: Fooduzzi

5. Orange Sorbet

There are dozens of ice pop flavours, but only one stuck with me over the years. Orange. I love all citrus fruits, and this one is no exception. Oranges carry an incredible flavour, and they are very sweet if you are lucky enough to eat them at a perfectly ripe stage.

From: TheGreedyVegan

6. Watermelon Lime Sorbet

Two ingredients make this Watermelon Lime Sorbet, an easy and healthy treat that everyone will love – vegan, paleo, dairy free, gluten free, and sweetener free!

From: EatTheGains

7. 3-Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

This easy sorbet recipe is made with only 3-ingredients: frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, and coconut milk! All that stands between you and this healthy sorbet recipe is a food processor!

From: ALatteFood

8. Blackberry Sorbet

Really fun and delicious Banana Blackberry Ice Cream! It’s dairy free and only a few ingredients!! You’ll love this summery sorbet recipe!

From: TheToastedPineNut

9. 3-Ingredient Peach Sorbet

I love using fresh fruit in recipes and I have to admit that sorbets are probably my favourite dessert to prepare this time of year. They are so simply to prepare, especially if it only requires 3 ingredients like this peach sorbet does. Peaches, sugar and lime juice. Yup, that is it.

From: AheadOfThyme

10. Raspberry Lemon Sorbet

Fresh raspberries are pureed with lemon juice, lemon zest, and sugar and then frozen into a smooth, refreshing sorbet.

From: CertifiedPastryAficionado

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