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20 Brilliant Birthday Cake Recipes: Celebration Sweets

You only get one birthday cake a year, and you want it to be special. Check out these 20 Brilliant Birthday Cake Recipes!

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1. The Best Gluten Free Birthday Cake Recipe

Gluten free birthday cake

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen turns FIVE today and to celebrate, we made The BEST Gluten-Free Layer Birthday Cake recipe. Seriously, it’s the best cake ever. It tastes like the real deal cake you’ve been wanting!!!

From: Lexi’sCleanKitchen

2. Birthday Cheesecake

Birthday cheesecake recipe

This birthday cheesecake is packed full of flavor! It has a birthday cake Oreo cookie crust, a cheesecake batter with a cake batter extract and bits of sugar cookie dough in it. The top has a golden brown sugar cookie crumble. It makes a beautiful sprinkle wrapped birthday cake cheesecake for any cheesecake lover.

From: CookieDoughAndOvenMitt

3. Gluten Free & Dairy Free Funfetti Cake

Gluten free dairy free Funfetti cake

This gluten free funfetti cake is perfect for birthday celebrations. The gluten free and dairy free white cake is light and airy and filled with colorful sprinkles. Finish it off with dairy free frosting and extra sprinkles for the ultimate funfetti experience!

From: WhatTheFork

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4. Galaxy Cake

Galaxy cake

Quick and easy DIY galaxy cake with lots of sprinkles. This galaxy birthday cake recipe is fun, colorful and perfect for kids’ space themed parties.

From: CakeWhiz

5. Funfetti Bundt Cake

Funfetti bundt cake

Get ready to celebrate with this festive sprinkle-filled funfetti bundt cake. Everyone’s favorite childhood cake flavor, baked entirely from scratch and turned into a bundt cake.  It’s party time!

From: BunsenBurnerBakery

6. Easy No Bake Funfetti Cheesecake

Funfetti no bake cheesecake

This Easy No Bake Funfetti Cheesecake is my favourite birthday cake-inspired cheesecake to make for family and friends, and it is SO easy to make with only a few basic ingredients!

From: TheBusyBaker

7. Cotton Candy Cake

Cotton candy cake

So I bet you’re wondering how this Cotton Candy Cake tastes, right?? Does it actually taste like Cotton Candy?? To be fair, I’m not sure that it totally does. The cotton candy flavouring almost had more of a bubblegum + coconut kinda flavour (to me anyhow). That being said, it is perfectly delicious. Like, SO good. It is on the sweeter side overall (which should be no surprise given the name), but it was a hit all around over here.

From: LivForCake

8. Banana Split Layer Cake

Banana split birthday cake recipe

Once you get your mind around an ice cream cake without using any ice cream at all, you’ll adore this cake. It looks like a big Neapolitan ice cream treat because of the colors, the chocolate ganache “dripping” down the side of the cake, and the fluffy white frosting topped with Maraschino cherries.

From: KitchenFunWithMy3Sons

9. The Best Neopolitan Cake

Neapolitan cake

Three colourful layers of soft, tender cake, combining the flavour of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Covered in vanilla buttercream and decorated with a boatload of candy, this Neapolitan Cake has ‘party’ written all over it. If you want a stunning cake for your next celebration, this one’s for you!

From: SweetestMenu

10. Boston Cream Pie Birthday Cake

Boston cream pie birthday cake recipe

I made this cake for my sweet friend’s birthday. Her husband requested it as a surprise, then I found out it was her favorite cake that she has for her birthday every year. I was thrilled to be able to make it for her and glad that it turned out well because this was the first time that I ever made a Boston Cream Pie Birthday Cake!

From: MomLovesBaking

11. Small Batch Birthday Cake Cupcakes


Birthday cake cupcakes with sprinkles. A small batch cupcake recipe for birthday cupcakes for celebrating a kids birthday party, or gifting a friend or coworker on their special day! This recipe for 4 cupcakes will come in handy! 

From: DessertForTwo

12. White Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe

White chocolate birthday cake recipe

Gorgeous White Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting ~ loaded with decadently delicious white chocolate in both the cake itself and the frosting, it’s just perfect for any occasion.

From: TheKitchenIsMyPlayground

13. The Best White Cake Recipe

White cake

This is my favorite white cake recipe! This cake is light, tender, moist, and topped with a delicious vanilla buttercream frosting. Perfect birthday cake recipe!

From: LiveWellBakeOften

14. Milk & Cookies Cake

Milk and cookies cake

Just when you thought milk & cookies couldn’t get any better. That classic combination you’d always look forward to as a kid for after school snacks, treats on the weekends, while watching your favorite cartoons or movies…. it was the best! Well, for some people anyhow.

From: LivForCake

15. Doughnut Birthday Cake

Donut cake

Any excuse to come up with easy birthday cake recipe ideas for kids and I am in! I know, you might look at the rest of my blog and think how on earth do sugar-laden birthday cakes fit in with my healthy recipes for children and families? Well here is the thing, food memories are important too, spending time with family is important, feeling special and loved is important, and all of these things happen when kids have a homemade birthday cake on their birthday!

From: MyKidsLickTheBowl

16. The Ultimate Chocolate Birthday Cake

Chocolate donut cake

Looking for a fun Chocolate birthday cake idea that’s easy to make? This simple chocolate cake is perfect for a last-minute party idea. Make the ultimate cake with a ready made chocolate cake and decorate it with your favorite chocolate treats and cookies.

From: LivingLocurto

17. Funfetti Cake

Funfetti cake

Funfetti cake is the cake recipe that everyone needs to have in their recipe box. Nothing says “It’s a special day” like funfetti! Must be something about brightly colored sprinkles. I have made this exact cake for so many occasions and I am always amazed at the pure love it gets.

From: SugarGeekShow

18. Classic Vanilla Cake

Classic vanilla birthday cake

From: LivForCake

I’ve used variations of this vanilla cake before, and it always yields delicious results. The buttermilk in the cake helps ensure that it’s not super sweet, and it works well with any kind of frosting. I used a Swiss meringue buttercream here because it’s my favourite, but you can use an American buttercream instead if you prefer.

19. Smash Cake

Smash cake

Smash Birthday Cake Recipe and Tutorial is a step by step guide to show you how to make a Smash Cake that is simple and easy! This Smash Cake is great for a first birthday and photos! Easily customizable, this Smash Cake is one cake fits all!

From: CookingWithKarli

20. Birthday Oreo Cake

Oreo cake

This Birthday Cake Oreo Cake recipe just screams PARTY! Layers of dark chocolate and Funfetti Birthday Oreo cake, filled and frosted with birthday cake Oreo frosting and drizzled with hot pink ganache. This is the ultimate celebration cake! 

From: QueensleeAppetit

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